All Inclusive First Aid Course: Complete AID program

The “COMPLETE FIRST AID PROGRAM” through a series of practical demonstrations and lectures gives the necessary knowledge and supplies to all, so that they are able to deal with emergencies that can endanger human life. The purpose of the training is to present the range of emergencies that can occur in adults, children and infants and to learn basic rescue measures to deal with life-threatening situations.

The theme of the program is structured as follows:


  • Space security in the pre-hospital environment
  • Measures and means of personal protection
  • Update emergency services (166 – 112)
  • Demonstration of cardiorespiratory resuscitation in an infant – child – adult
  • Demonstration of the safe use of an automated external defibrillator (AED)
  • Demonstration of lateral safety position
  • Demonstration of removal of a foreign body that has blocked the airway (suffocation) in an infant – child – adult
  • Opening an airway with mechanical aids
  • Ventilation with a non-rebreather mask
  • Fainting management demonstration


  • Treatment of acute myocardial infarction – arrest
  • Treatment of bleeding
  • Treatment of epistaxis
  • Treatment of burns
  • Treatment of fractures
  • Treatment of epileptic seizures
  • Treatment of poisoning
  • Treating stitches, bites
  • Treatment of stroke
  • Diabetes
  • Treatment of hypothermia – heatstroke


  • Minimum number of participants: 16 People.
  • Intended for: Everyone.
  • Prerequisite Skills: None.
  • Evaluation: Throughout the training by the training team.
  • Teaching method: Theory (Presentations) and practice (Demonstrations).
  • Certification: In English through World First Response
  • Sponsored by us: Individual seminar folder and health training materials.
  • Duration: 6 training sessions (one day).
  • Cost: €60 / Person

** The Retraining program is provided for FREE **