The program includes training in the treatment of heart failure. The actions that we will apply when we are in front of a person who has collapsed and is not breathing. It includes lectures using slides (powerpoint), demonstrations by the trainers as well as practical training of the trainees (who are divided into small groups of up to 8 people) on special models where they are trained in the application of compressions and blows. There is also practice in the use of the automatic external defibrillator, ie the device that supplies current to the heart to put it back in front. This is done with special training defibrillators which of course do not provide real power, but they work and behave just like the real ones. Finally, participants learn how to place an unconscious person who is unconscious but breathing in a sideways safe position and how to deal with a drowning victim (when, for example, a piece of food blocks the larynx)