The TRAUMA COURSE ( ADVANCED ) program lasts 20 hours (2 days) and enables, through a series of lectures and practical skill stations, the trainee to obtain the necessary knowledge, so that he can immediately assess a trauma incident and deal with it according to with the current guidelines in a pre-hospital area before the arrival of emergency pre-hospital care (EPCA) services. Because the theoretical knowledge is multi-level and there are many stations of practical skills, there is a triple assessment to ensure the quality of the educational process.

The instructors come from the health field with a specialty in trauma care. The training includes injuries from traffic accidents with a car or motorcycle, from falls and injuries in everyday life.

The theme of the program is structured as follows:

THEORETICAL includes specially selected lectures on the following topics:​

  • Kinematics of trauma
  • Specialized Air Duct Management
  • A-B-C-D-E Primary Trauma Treatment Algorithm.


PRACTICAL includes four (8) skill stations:

  • 1st station: spinal immobilization, turn from prone to supine position, neck guard placement and plank immobilization.
  • 2nd station: neck guard placement in sitting and supine position and safe helmet removal.
  • 3rd station: treatment of bleeding, bandaging, use of bandages, immobilization splints.
  • 4th station : airway management, ventilation, oropharyngeal, nasopharyngeal, laryngeal mask, ambu bag ventilation, oxygen, pocket mask, pocket tissue.
  • 5th station: assessment by A-B-C-D-E, scenarios.
  • 6th station : release from vehicle, Rautek handle




  • Minimum number of participants: 10 People.
  • It is aimed at: volunteer rescuers, security forces, armed forces, health workers, citizens with previous first aid training
  • Prerequisite skills: basic knowledge of first aid.
  • Evaluation: a) Throughout the training by the training team, b) written tests, c) individual practical evaluation in a virtual scenario.
  • Teaching method: Theory (Presentations) and practice (Skill Stations).
  • Certification: In English through World First Response
  • Duration: 18 normal hours – 20 educational hours (2 days).
  • Cost: €160 / Person

** The Retraining program is provided for FREE **